Sunday, December 16, 2018
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Why do Good Companies See Revenues Stall?

At times, even good companies with good products fail to meet revenue expectations. Senior managers look for answers and demand fast corrective action, often from sales and marketing (and often, rightly so).

Some of the ways that marketing and sales teams get off track in sales performance include:

Growth Strategies that work

  • Value proposition is not compelling or clear
  • Product positioning is wrong or misguided
  • Market selection is unfocused and too broad
  • Account targets are not properly selected
  • Tools are inadequate or ineffective to nurture and develop leads
  • Selling process is inconsistent and not defined
  • Gaps exist between marketing efforts and follow through
  • Organizational collaboration between sales and marketing is ineffective and uncoordinated
  • Sales team lacks the skills or experience required
  • The role of marketing or sales is not clearly defined

Action First can identify the causes for stalled revenue growth and put the company on a fast track to recovery. We develop road maps that address your current sales funnel with actionable campaigns and efforts that produce measurable results. These directives drive clarity for marketing efforts and align each effort with your sales process.

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