Sunday, December 16, 2018
Sales Action Assessment Minimize

Whether you've just experienced rapid growth or you're trying to solve current sales challenges, it’s vital for long-term success that your company gains a thorough understanding of your complete sales process, approach and tools. Strategic Sales Assessment

A sales assessment can provide the objective, thorough view of your current sales and sales management processes that your company needs. We do this by interviewing select customers, key sales representatives, executives, sales management and marketing and gleaning facts to inform future endeavors and effect significant improvement.

Not every company needs a sales assessment at any given time. However, your company could benefit from one if you've heard or faced any of the following:

  • Our incentives and goals are not producing the behavior we expect
  • Sales reps complain about not understanding the compensation plan
  • Our sales cycle is broken, inconsistent, not measurable, and unable to forecast
  • Sales tools are not effective 
  • CRM systems are inadequate too much data to enter slows them down
  • Best practices are not repeatable, marketing leads are worthless
  • There’s excess sales discounting -"they won't buy at that price"
  • Over-focus or mis-focus on particular areas of the sales cycle
  • The BLACK hole of opportunities -they stall or fail to close
  • Sales lacks confidence to base sale on value
  • Most sales occur at end of month/quarter/year bookings with discounting
  • High turnover of sales force
  • Inaccurate forecasting
  • All leads are bad

Ultimately, we seek to understand and assign priorities, goals and action that are created in clarifying the sales cycle, lead qualification and simplify a understandable plan.  These actions result in more measurable, recognizable and achievable sales, giving your company a launching point for future growth.



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