Sunday, December 16, 2018
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Overview of 4 Action Marketing Approach

4 Action Marketing understands that today’s competitive marketplace requires marketers not only to get the most out of each marketing investment, but also to be accountable for the performance of each campaign or program through measurable results. To ensure our efforts focus on your consumer, we use what we call the DIDI process™ to create your Action Marketing Matrix. Following this process creates an operating model that helps our clients connect all elements in their marketing efforts to achieve the results they expect from their direct marketing. Ultimately, we provide a simplified marketing matrix that is easy to communicate, understand, implement and track.


Our DIDI Process


The Discover phase is focused on uncovering your situation, your business objectives and the programs or methods needed to achieve these objectives. In this initial phase, we learn about your existing programs: why they are in place and what they are accomplishing. This is assessment-only; no formal plans or feedback is provided.


Using the findings from the Discover phase, we develop a solution(s) that will deliver the needed results. To do this, we strategically combine a mix of programs and systems that we deem the most capable of maximizing powerful communication to customers in an efficient and effective manner. We build an Action Marketing Matrix to convey our findings and recommendations, and develop a road-map for success.

Deploy -Action Improvement

Our team helps develop the tools and processes within your system to achieve success. We focus on the Action Marketing Matrix road-map to execute on the direct marketing services, clearly identifying each effort for a specific purpose whether it functions as part of an integrated program or stands alone. Ultimately, we give clients the power to actively engage their marketing efforts and measure their results via ROI.

Improve -Validate

Improvement efforts begin by measuring programs: we assess all relevant aspects of campaign execution and performance, compare results to benchmarks/expectations, and make the necessary modifications prior to subsequent campaign efforts. This process advances each new campaign to ensure continual performance improvements and allows us to create linkages to them from the road-map. Ultimately we seek to assist our clients in building the necessary dashboards to help communicate the value of your campaigns and efforts. When you succeed, we have, too.

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