Tuesday, November 20, 2018
Action First Minimize

One thing that all successful organizations have in common is a continual search for improvements in order to gain a competitive advantage. We have found that when your organization’s systems and departments are aligned, their success is even greater. This is particularly true for marketing and sales.

The Action First™ assessment process addresses misalignment within both successful and struggling organizations. The process gathers the information necessary to identify how well critical marketing and sales elements are working together to achieve business and strategic goals. It also helps identify which items need work and which of these critical elements are working against your strategy and goals.

During the Action First process, we utilize two methods for gathering organizational data: personal interviews and simple surveys. Personal interviews are conducted by our trained facilitators to understand the true root causes of potential roadblocks and issues that are at the heart of misaligned internal efforts. The survey is used to gather more depth of understanding, and ultimately the true views of the employees, coworkers, staff and executives, and provides insight into determining trends.

If you are interested in taking this assessment or learning more about it, please contact us.


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